Chance Carpenter
Founder & Principal

Mr. Carpenter has over 20 years of experience in the world of corporate audio visual sales, production management and staging. His professional background also includes the areas of video conferencing and rich media collaboration technologies, eLearning content management solutions, content development and aggregation and commercial A/V systems integration.

In 2005, he founded Essential Event Technologies based on the desire to provide engaging access to presentations vital to solving the ongoing training challenges faced by organizations today. Having produced hundreds of conferences, seminars, meetings, symposia and expos, it also became clear to him that many organizations were missing the opportunity to turn the content they were delivering at live events into measurable revenue or cost savings for their enterprises. This view has informed his ongoing commitment to ‘commoditizing’ educational content that would otherwise ‘perish’ after being delivered to a limited live audience and delivering that content in an engaging format to a virtually unlimited audience